產品編號: EZ0959
中文名稱: 拿但業與淚之卷.時空旅行三部曲(英)
英文名稱: Nathaniel and the Scroll of Tears - A Trilogy of the Travel
作者: Linda Cizek and Scott Carroll
ISBN: 9789888286959
語言: English
重量(克): 500
出版社: 漢語聖經協會
尺寸: 13.5 x 19.5 x 1.4 cm
價錢: $14.39 ($15.99) 減 $1.60
貨品狀況: 本產品暫時缺貨
頁數: 280
Nathaniel Goldstein didn’t quite know where he stood in life. He couldn’t play his sport well, he couldn’t blend in class, and what’s more—he’s a Jew, an absolute minority in all aspects of life.

On a fateful day at the museum, he is sent to a mysterious era with a mission: A queen, a soldier, and a rabbi wait for you. Now he is stranded in nowhere with Marc, an arrogant class bully and his eternal tormentor, and Roo, a brilliantly annoying know-it-all whom he secretly has unnamed feelings for. As they roam in the ancient streets filled with oddly-robed citizens, armored soldiers and bleating cattle, they soon come to realise that what they have been called to do holds greater importance to the future and destiny of a chosen nation than they could ever imagine…