產品編號: SAF0066
中文名稱: Children's Activity Bible (age 4-7)
英文名稱: Children's Activity Bible (age 4-7)
作者: Leyah Jensen and Isabelle Gao
對象: 初小
ISBN: 9788771321104
語言: English
重量(克): 561
出版社: Scandinavia Publishing House
價錢: $115.00 ($128.00) 減 10%
頁數: 232
Fun, activity  and learning – Two Children’s activity books from a biblical angle. These action-packed activity books contain more than 100 Bible stories and activities to both teach and amuse. Each Bible story is accompanied by activities such as word searches, puzzles, crosswords and other entertaining and challenging games. Beautiful color illustrations visualize the story of God’s love from the beginning with Adam and Eve to King David to Jonah and on to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

Key Selling Points
  • Children’s Activity Bibles are printed in more that 100.000+ copies
  • Age-defined activities makes edition perfectly tailored to audience
  • Engages the child with games to accompany every story
  • Bible references included with every story for further study

Children’s Activity Bibles – Great Bible fun
Here is a Bible that teaches the Word of God while engaging in fun and challenging activities! With two levels of difficulty on the assignments, siblings can enjoy the task together while being challenged on thier respective levels. Your child will learn the truths of the Bible and have so much fun doing it!