產品編號: EK0935
中文名稱: Be INSPIRED.40 Days of Devotional for Lent
作者: Scott Carroll PHD and Todd A. Hillard
ISBN: 9789888286935
語言: English
重量(克): 310
尺寸: 13.5 x 19.5 x 1.2 cm
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The number 40 is mentioned 146 times in the Bible. It often refers to a set time of searching, trials, testing, devotion, or transition for the people of God. It is no coincidence that the annual remembrance of Lent is traditionally 40 days in length. Practiced in many ways throughout Christendom, Lent can be a special time to focus on God and our relationship to him.

We invite you into a new, special, 40-day experience. This discovery will be inspired by truths within the Bible, and it will also reveal the history of the Bible itself. This, perhaps, is the great untold story of human history and our relationship with God.

By engaging your Bible with the aid the this book, the next 40 days will be an intimate time of discovery of the powerful truths within Scripture. In the end, may we be inspired to live more vibrant lives, with deeper faith, for the causes of eternity, to His glory.

Scott Carroll, Ph.D. is the Chief Executive Office of the Inspired Exhibit. He organized one of the largest private biblical and classical collections in North America in the 1990s. Building on this knowledge, he then helped establish the core collection and vision for what now forms the National Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C.. His training has focused on the ancient world, ancient languages, and the history of the early church.

Todd Hillard is the owner of AAI, a business based ministry that deals with ancient Hebrew scrolls. He is also a freelance writer and has written more than 18 books. He received his BS in Psychology from the University of Utah and his MA in English from Arizona State University.