產品編號: SAF0070
中文名稱: Best Activity Bibles (age 7-11)
對象: 高小
ISBN: 9788772031651
語言: English
重量(克): 390
出版社: Scandinavia Publishing House
尺寸: 216.0 x 280.0 x 10.0 cm
價錢: $106.00 ($118.00) 減 10%
Best Activity Bibles
100+ Activities for children ages 4-7 and 7-11—includes stickers! These new Bible activity books have more than 100 activities inside. Each activity Bible contains seventeen beloved Bible stories accompanied by age-appropriate activities such as word searches, puzzles, crosswords, and other entertaining and challenging games. These books also come with stickers to be used in some of the games.

Key Selling Points
  • Large books with a good thickness provide a high perceived value, even though they are relatively inexpensive to produce.
  • Age-specific activities make each edition perfectly tailored to its audience.
  • Engages children with games accompanying every story.
  • Bible references included with every story for further study.

Best Activity Bibles—putting Bible stories in your hands
By engaging with Bible stories in a hands-on way, children will learn by doing and have a blast in the process. Vibrant illustrations make each page inviting and colorful, and the wide range of activities ensures there is something for everyone! Next time you’re looking for an activity, pull out these Best Activity Bibles, and help your child learn while they play!